We’re always accepting new members here at Sturton by Stow Youth Club. Anyone in secondary school aged 11-17 can join our youth club. We have a large number of members registered, with a strong turnout each evening. Our members come from various different schools, most of who used to be in the same class in the local primary school at Year 6. We also have many many members coming from neighboring towns and villages & so our youth club is a great place to meet old friends, and make new connections too. 

Anyone wishing to become a member must provide a completed Membership Form and sign to say they have read and fully understood the terms and conditions in our ‘Conditions of Membership. This is applicable to both members and parents/guardians. Your first night with us is FREE as an induction. On your second night, you will be required to pay the entry fee and provide a completed Membership Form. Failure to provide this will result in your entry being refused